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Grab Your Festival Kit Today!

Get ready for the best fest ever. Stash this 20-piece Festival Kit in your backpack and focus on what matters: the music, the dancing, and the fun. From a rain poncho to mini dry shampoo and temporary tattoos to earplugs, this kit is full of festival essentials to help you and your festie besties survive festival season. BUY NOW

This set contains:

- Stall Mates Flushable Wipe
- Rain poncho
- Temporary tattoos
- Ear plugs
- Sunscreen
- Breath drops
- Blister balm
- Bobby pins
- Earring backs
- Folding brush/comb
- Lip balm
- Mending kit
- Safety pin
- Tampon
- Facial tissue
- Adhesive bandage
- Deodorant towelette
- Hand cleaning towelette
- Hair tie
- Pain reliever

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